Sync to existing Obsidian Sync vault on iOS

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I installed Obsidian on iOS. It gives me two options:

  1. How to setup sync
  2. Create a new vault

But I already have an Obsidian Sync vault. How can I use that instead of creating a new one?

This is confusing me, too, after reading the help page. I don’t want to create a new vault, but migrate my current vaults. I open the app, as the help file says, but no Obsidian folder is created on my Mac. (Help page says, “To setup a synced vault through iCloud Drive, you must first install and open the Obsidian iOS app. This will automatically create an app folder called “Obsidian” under your iCloud Drive, with a logo of the Obsidian app.”)

Circling back on this, what made the folder appear was to create a vault in the iOS app, and choose to store it in iCloud. After I did that, the Obsidian folder appeared on my Mac. So, at least for me, just opening the Obsidian app (as the Help page says) was not enough. Hope this helps someone.


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