[Feature] Open existing vault on iOS (for multiple iOS device sync)

Use case or problem

I’ve set up an Obsidian vault on my iPhone using iCloud sync, then opened the vault on my desktop Mac using “Open folder as vault” to successfully sync one vault between the two devices. Now I’d like to add the same vault to my iPad, which is currently impossible, as iOS Obsidian can only create a new iCloud vault.

Proposed solution

Allow an existing vault in an iCloud Drive folder to be opened in iOS Obsidian (“Open folder as vault” functionality on Mac desktop).

Related feature requests (optional)

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Try looking at a file in the vault on your iPad via the Files app, then quitting and relaunching Obsidian?

Interesting, thanks that did cause my vault to show up!

It might be that iCloud Drive hadn’t yet really synced when you first checked. “Visiting” a file triggered iCloud Drive to sort itself out.

Glad it worked!

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