Sync stopped working and then deleted over half my vault

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I have Obsidian on my iPhone, iPad, and laptop. I opened Obsidian on my laptop today and noticed that the sync was off since it hadn’t loaded a lot of new notes I had made on my phone and iPad. I turned Obsidian sync on but instead of pulling new things from the other devices (and sync was on and up to date on both of them) it overwrote everything on all the devices to the state of notes on my laptop which were older and also deleted a ton of notes.

I’m relatively new to Obsidian and am not an especially tech-savvy person so I am at a loss. I’ve now been sitting here for 30 minutes recovering deleted pages one by one but if I can’t make sure I know it won’t happen again I’m going to have leave Obsidian because this is exactly the sort of data loss I came to Obsidian to avoid. Please help!

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