Sync deletes files

Things happened

Briefly speaking:
I bought Ob-sync →
My computer’s disk broke →
I tried to recover my notes from my Iphone => I set up and sync with a new vault (as I forget the previous password). →
Only a small part of data were successfully synced to the computer => it synced back (from PC to remote) and deleted most of the files in the remoted vault => then sync from remoted vault to iphone and deleted the files in Iphone.


I’ll post this in the Help also.
There is a topic Sync stopped working and then deleted over half my vault - Help - Obsidian Forum where the author meet a situation kind alike, but with no reply.

What I’m trying to do

It’s hard to exactly understand what happened here.
Did you connect the mobile vault and desktop vault to a new remote vault at the same time? (That is, while one or the other hasn’t completed syncing)

Please keep in mind that sync is synchronization service not a backup solution.

@Theo I’m going to close this. Could you please create a new report, filling out the template? Make sure the right category is selected before/after pressing “New topic”.