Swap folded lines together

Currently, folded lines don’t count as “one line” for the purpose of swapping them up/down.

Test it out:

  • Fold a heading
  • Use the hotkey (set in Settings --> Hotkeys) to swap line up/down

–> The heading line will move but all the lines underneath the heading will stay where they are

It would be great to have folded lines swap together!

Using only the keyboard (hotkey for Toggle fold on current line and Swap line up/down) this would allow for quick rearranging of lists or paragraphs!


+1 I consistently run into this limitation. Having Swap line is great, but folded sections need to be accounted for as well. Thanks!

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+1 - would add that the same would be cool for promoting-demoting (de-/increasing indentation) of a folded line.

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As mentioned somewhere else:

Shifting folded content as the feature currently works feels buggy. Because it’s acting on content we can’t see. It’s a little disconcerting.