Indent outline carries children

Currently, when working within an outline in a note, if you indent(promote) a row that has children rows, the children rows remain at their original indent level, so to keep the original relationship of the children with the parent, you have to individually indent each child row.

It would be great if the outliner would carry its children with it if/as you promote/demote it in the outline hierarchy.

BTW: should topic titles in Feature Requests be expressed in terms of the desired behavior, as in this post?


Iā€™d like to second this request. This is a feature of basically any outliner - WorkFlowy, DynaList, Roam, even Org Mode. Not having this makes outlining very tedious to use


There is a plug-in request for outlining:

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+1 for this request.

I think that indenting sections in outlines should translate to #Header levels in Edit/Preview mode. For example, if I indent a section that is a ### <H3> then it should become a #### <H4> and if I outdent that H3 it should become a ## <H2>. Then of course all of these changes should be inherited by the children sections/headings.


related feature request / discussion: Navigate, move, indent and unindent by heading

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The obsidian-outliner plugin enables this: