Include nested content when swapping or moving FOLDED sections

As of build v0.7.4 swapping lines up and down is available as a Ctrl-P or hotkey function.

It would be very useful and convenient if this feature respected folded content as a single entity. If a section is folded and I swap the section up or down a line, everything in the fold should move with it.

Recognizing the fold state like this would allow users to easily organize larger sections of their work without losing any of the granular line shifting ability that we have when working with unfolded content. Used in combination with the other new shortcut, toggling the fold, a powerful and efficient organization workflow emerges.

As a side comment, shifting folded content as the feature currently works feels buggy because it’s acting on content we can’t see. It’s a little disconcerting.


+1 This would go a long way to making Obsidian a full outliner


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