Support WebDAV

Would be good with support for WebDAV sync.It would be very helpful when I sync a vault with my nas.


+1. I tried to use WebDAV implicitly, by mounting it as a server connection on my Mac. Unfortunately, it caused Obsidian to become unstable for me (see bug). For now, I’ve gone back to having my vault on a local drive and doing manual syncs, but it would be better not to need to do that.


I wish to use a logged-in WebDAV server as vault, with a direct connection.

Are WebDAV sync and WebDAV mounting the same thing? Which of these I need to upvote?

+1 I would love to store my Obsidian Vault on my NAS and sync it to all my devices from there through WebDAV.

This also matches with Obsidians philosophy of letting users have free control over their own data without being locked into a system.

Also, storing on a NAS allows us greater peace of mind from peering eyes.

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+1 from me, too!
I already sync my notes through Nextcloud Notes on desktop, but once the mobile app will be out it would be really important to use it with a WebDAV sync

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Another vote for WebDAV support here!

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Yes to WebDAV support :slight_smile:

i want this features too.

+1 for WebDav. My vaults are on NextCloud, so the mobile currently doesn’t work.

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  • another 1 for webdav sync !
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agree, i want this features too.

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Another +1 from me as well

If you are on a Mac, use SMB instead, much better, faster, more reliable than WebDAV.

Any NAS user will appriciate WebDAV.
Go for it!

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+1 for WebDAV from me

I too want a WebDAV sync option that will allow me to sync an Obsidian vault held on one machine to other machines and to mobile devices. I can’t post in the Mobile section but as an example of a system that works is how DEVONThink handles their sync using WebDAV. The DT databases and files are on a local machine. There is a Sync store created on the WebDAV server that other devices can point to and update. You can select which of the various DT databases you want to go on which devices, convenient for putting only some on a mobile device and perhaps all on say a desktop and a laptop.

I’d love an equivalent option for Obsidian and Obsidian Mobile.

PS another application that allows for WebDAV sync is Omnifocus. Same basic thing you set up a link to the server and your data are available there for other devices to access.

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I think this is important. What makes Joplin so appealing is that I can encrypt my notes to my pcloud with webdav. Having this option on both mobile and desktop is essential.


WebDAV +1

One of the big goals of obsidian is that your notes stay your own.
I truly wish that my requirements for syncing my (mobile) devices not compromise this goal.
I was disappointed to see that the app requires a cloud and is not able to sync directly or with my internal setup (webdav)

WebDAV and/or direct sync are an abolutly must for future product strategy +1