Support WebDAV

+1 for WebDAV support!

+1 for WebDAV support.

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+1 for WebDAV support - although I pay for sync I can’t use it on every vault due to security reasons.


+1. or opensource encrypt sync server.

For mobile sync

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WebDAV +1

for PC and android


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+1 for WebDAV support :slight_smile:

++++ 1 WebDav support for iPhone app !

It is unlikely that we implement first party support for WebDav or any other third party sync service. I am going to move this to Plugin Ideas.

My advise is to find a third-party program both on desktop and mobile (Android) that actually handles the mirroring/sync of files from/to a WebDAV server to your disk. The files have to be physically present on your drive for Obsidian to work (not fake files that need to be downloaded on demand once you access them).

PS: this what software like nextcloud/ownCloud do.

I am wondering if we could do webdav sync with plugins? I don’t know whether obsidian api allows developers have enough permission to integrate such function.

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+10086, absolutely agreed!

And also for PC and android

but it cant work ios, and i need to running a app

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Third party sync would not work for iOS!

I addition I already tried synology sync for my computers and I run into duplicates often when both computers a running at same time (even when working on just one device actively).

I like the plugin concept but actually it brings a lot of compatibility problems in between them as well as security questions.
I really would prefer to integrate some of the high ranked plugins into the core rather than thinking about outsourcing this kind of basic functionality.

It feels like starting to conflict more and more with the initial approach of having my notes secure under my control “forever”.

I am aware of this. That’s why I didn’t include it in my answer.
This is an Apple imposed limitation. There’s no shared media location in iOS and programs like dropsync can’t work.
The same problem holds for Dropbox on iOS, OneDrive on iOS, etc. It’s not just about webdav.
I believe on iOS there is another mechanism for sharing/sync directories but nobody (not even Dropbox) has bothered to follow it.

At the moment, it is not feasible for Obsidian to write and maintain custom sync code for each possible sync service on iOS.

If somebody wants to write a plugin to handle webdav sync on iOS (or anything else) is welcome to do so.

Webdav works with devonthink as well as omnifocus on ios


This response made me sad :frowning: WebDav is not a third party sync service, it’s a standard RFC 2518. By never supporting it means we can never sync our files on our own unless we use a plugin (looking through here to see if there is one) or pay Obsidian for the sync service.

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I am new to Obsidian, have been using Nextcloud notes for a couple of years and looking for better ones (see On Android I have Nextcloud app and Obsidian and tried to have Obsidian vault use the Nextcloud app Notes folder (I know I’m asking for trouble). My hope/wish was that the Nextcloud app would recognize new files and sync them but it doesn’t scan the folder and sync. I opened Does not scan new files added to filesystem. They suggested using Auto upload but that is one way. For now I’ve created a separate Folder in Nextcloud Files and trying that out. Seems to sync OK, just need to do more testing

Played with MacroDroid to do poor person’s sync to Nextcloud from Android

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