Support WebDAV

Dear Silver,
I would like to strongly request again to implement a possibility in the iOS app to sync with a WebDav server. WebDav is essential for many users and if Obsidian takes the promise of being the most secure note-taking app seriously, then the ability to sync with a private WebDav server from within the iOS app is an essential feature of the app. So once again my request to implement this feature.

And already thank you so much for your efforts, and all the best for 2022

P.S.: Of course I know that you can store your Vault on a WebDav server, but this is about the synchronization with mobile iOS devices.

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How does the first-party Obsidian Sync plugin function?

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Hi all, I developed an unofficial plugin remotely-save allowing users sync notes between local devices and remote services including webdav and more (s3, onedrive, dropbox). And it works on both iOS and Android. But there is one major limitation that the webdav serivce must enable CORS headers in the responses if users are using Obsidian < 0.13.25.

Anyone is welcome to give it a try, but please remember to backup your vault firstly.

    1. webDAV also make we have more choices on mobile device. (we could use any cloud server which support webDAV to sync Obsidian content)

Cool! Have you tried / tested it with Nextcloud?

I have not tried it by myself. But some users reported that it worked if the servers were correctly configured.