Support for macOS's built-in spelling and correction

Although 0.7.4 adds spellchecking, it’s only in English and autocorrect is still not supported. Why not simply add support for the system-wide spelling functionality that is baked into macOS? That would also allow for replacement snippets for those who don’t use TextExpander, as well as support for multiple languages.


I imagine it is because Electron apps do not play nice with macOS standard text fields, causing other problems too:

Sadly this means that it’s a lot of work to fix this, so I wouldn’t keep your fingers crossed that it’ll be fixed anytime soon or your fingers may cramp.

Thanks for the clarification; I’ll stop holding my breath… It would be nice to have an overview somewhere summarizing just how many aspects of macOS standard text fields are not accommodated by the Electron framework. A list of these “known issues” would mean that we don’t all need to report these issues as bugs. (Like the “select to end of paragraph” system-level keyboard shortcut, which does indeed make my fingers cramp!

I am trying out and considering a switch, and was a bit confused the macOs system spellcheck didn’t work out for some Russian text. It did work in Atom - which was where I was switching from - so I guess they did find some way of doing it within the Electron framework. (not saying it’s easy of course, but at least there’s an open source alternative to spy from)


Is there any way to get the native OS level snippets/text expander on Mac working in Obsidian? I use it a lot and ideally don’t want have to duplicate my entries in two places.

Edit: upon further reading, this seems related to the fact that Obsidian uses its own spellchecker rather than the native OS one. That’s also something I’d love to be able to swtich!

Not worried about correction, but I’m puzzled about which dictionary Obsidian is using. Electron docs says that it should be using the native Mac spellchecker (or at least the API, isn’t that the same thing?).

Current dictionary doesn’t even know the word “journaling.”

It’s a CodeMirror issue. Electron’s spellcheck doesn’t apply to Obsidian’s CodeMirror layer, which is where all the fun text stuff happens.

Licat discussed this on Discord a while back.

I believe Licat’s done some work to help this get fixed upstream, so stay tuned for improvements.

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I’d really love to have the native autocorrect and spellcheck features of masOS getting alive in Obsidian. I almost would like in the macOS’ Notes app and then copy and paste in back in Obsidian when done.

Is there any progress on this?

I’m not sure if something changed, but the replacement snippets are working for me in Obsidian 1.1.16 and MacOS 12.6.3.

(The only caveat being, I have it turned off, and it still “works”. So maybe that’s honestly a bug. Or maybe that list isn’t related to the “Correct spelling” checkbox.)


When I turn on “Add period with double-space”, that is also working.

If I turn on “Correct spelling automatically”, I don’t see words correcting automatically. So that still seems the same.

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That is already quite something! But it did work before. The spelling and autocorrect features (even in this reply box I am writing in this very moment right now) is helping me out so much!

I know it has to do with Electron etc … but is it that difficult to enable that in the macOS builds of Obsidian?