Support for native macOS dictionary+thesaurus

There’s a long-standing feature request to support native macOS autocorrection, which I assume still hasn’t been implemented due to Electron/CodeMirror issues.

However, I recently noticed that although Logseq (another Electron app) doesn’t support autocorrect either, it does support the native macOS dictionary and thesaurus though the native right-click Look Up command.

Implementing this in Obsidian for Mac users would be very helpful while we’re waiting for Electron/CodeMirror to add support for (ideally native) autocorrect.


YES PLEASE. That little lookup feature is a handy writing tool.


I have lookup enabled on my MBP’s trackpad using ‘Tap with Three Fingers’. This gives direct access in Obsidian to the dictionaries and thesaurus installed in macOS. Does what you want?


I use PopClip for that sort of thing:

Edit: the huge range of extensions

Right-click does not, but ctrl+cmd+d does, :slight_smile:
nonetheless, would not hurt to have autocorrection in Obsidian


Thanks, that’s a nice workaround, but it would still be great to have native macOS behavior wherever possible, and Logseq has shown that right-click support for native dictionary/thesaurus lookup is doable in Electron.

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Thanks for sharing that, it’s a handy workaround, but not all macOS users have a MacBook or Magic Trackpad. And many MacBook users connect a mouse and external keyboard when working at their desks and don’t always have the trackpad within easy reach.

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