Status bar occludes buttons: Settings, Help, Open another vault

Status bar occludes buttons: Settings,

Steps to reproduce

  1. Start narrowing (decreasing the horizontal size of the window) the Obsidian window. When narrowed enough:
  2. Bug: the status bar occludes the Settings button. If the status bar has enough info and I continue to narrow the main window of Obsidian, the status bar grows vertically in size (which is good) and occludes 2 other buttons (Help, Open another vault).
  • 2023-02-18_status_1
  • 2023-02-18_status_2
  • 2023-02-18_status_3
  • 2023-02-18_status_4

I tested it in the sandbox vault and the bug is there. The screenshots are from my personal vault because the bug is better shown in it.

Expected result

Either of the 2:

  1. Expansion of the status bar stops to the right side of the left bar. This is a preferable solution, imo.
  2. Expansion of the status bar goes until the very end, but buttons (Settings, Help, Open another vault) move and constantly stay on top of the status bar.


  • Operating system:
  • Linux Mint Cinnamon 21.1
  • Obsidian v1.1.9