Spell Check Note Titles

It would be fantastic if spell check would also check note titles & folder names.

I understand with note titles also being filenames many people wouldn’t be interested in such, thus ideally it would be an option within spell check.

  • Spell Check:
    • Titles [X]
    • Body [X]
    • Folder Names [X]

Currently I work around this by typing the titles in the note first & then copying/pasting it to the title. It works, but it’s an extra step.


I understand that you need this feature in Obsidian, but you could also use your OS’s built in type checker or an external service like Grammarly to do the check for you as a workaround. Personally, I had purchased Typinator recently and it does the auto correction for me when typing but it’s paid so that might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Sorry to have missed this request when I created a duplicate. Figured I’d link to it to show additional support: Spellcheck toggle for note names in explorer/panes


Use case or problem

Spell check is helpful when you are creating note names by first typing names into a note. However, when creating a note using ctrl n or editing name of an existing note, there are no spellchecking capabilities.

Proposed solution

A toggle to spell check all note names in the explorer and the titles of note panes would be helpful.