Spell check in Note Title or [[links]]

I see that this was once covered here

Spell Check Note Titles

however I’d like to propose an alternative and show my usecase.


I have some notes as part of my workflow that contain the content in the tile.

Would it be possible to add spellcheck to title / (file name)?


proposed solution / alternative

If it’s not possible to add spell check to the title, at least I’d love to be able to have the ability to have spell check on [[links]]

I found that this used to be the case but it has deactivated. more info here: Spellcheck should ignore links

I do see why some users might want spellcheck disabled in [[link]] however it’d be great to have a toggle to turn on spellcheck on links.


However if there’s a way to activate spell check for the tile that’d solve my problem perfectly. In which case spell check in the [[links]] wouldn’t be essential.

Thank you!