Sort header links by order in backlinks panel

This feature request aims to solve a similar issue as the one voiced in Viewable links to block reference. I found it different enough though for it to warrant its own request.

Use case or problem

When viewing backlinks to headers in a file, they are ordered according to the origin file. When a lot of header backlinks link to one file it is challenging to find all links pertaining to the header.

Workflow: Booknote

Taking a book note for example. I want to see my backlinks to a header in order of the headers in the file, not sorted chronologically by origin file. Only having the option to sort the origin file makes it hard to see all notes related to a specific header.

Workflow: Holy Books

Using the Bible in Obsidian is where the limitations of the current workflow stand out most for me:

Sorting the backlinks by origin file (and not as the headers appear in the file) makes is very challenging to find all references to a specific verse (each verse is a h6-header). In the backlinks panel the header links are sorted v3 / v31 / v28. That makes seeing relevant links challenging.

Proposed solution

Implement an option to sort backlinks by headers. From my limited understanding I am imaging another sorting option: By file name, Modified time, Created time and header order. Similar to the outline view, each header that has backlinks to it could be displayed with the corresponding origin file.

Related feature requests (optional)

Similar to how Roam handles it, I would love an icon in preview mode that shows how many header links point to a specific header. Something like this in which clicking “Click for references” opens the backlinks panel, focused on the header.


Good idea.

Although I go off on a tangent, I think I had a related request here: Option to sort backlinks by heading


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That’s quite similar to my request, thanks for mentioning it!

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I accidentally started another thread for this, but I agree, this would be a very helpful addition. You can get a lot of bank links on a single page, depending how complex a note becomes

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