Simple Inline Calculator

Use case or problem

Calculating simple math problems inline.


200 * .27 = 54
200 apples + 50 oranges = 250 fruit

rate = $50
hours = 4
total = rate * hours

MUCH better examples: Numbr and

Proposed solution

I’m not a code, but however it’s handled at is exactly what I’m looking for, just inside of Obsidian.

Another option: (although I prefer the totals on the right like numbr).

Another good option with right-side totals: CalcPad the non-web version of this one is apparently using electron.

There’s a good discussion here: Show HN: I made a web-based notepad with a built in unit calculator | Hacker News and the documentation pages on either site has a ton of examples.

Current workaround (optional)

Go to the site and use the tool there.

Related feature requests (optional)


You might want to look at

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Thanks @dknight212. I did see that and it’s very close. Usably close in fact, but is a much better implementation (for me at least). That being said, I have no idea if it’s even possible.

I just gave it a test and had mixed results. Definitely prefer Still appreciate the rec though.


What about filing an issue with the above plugin?

I think we have a solution! GitHub - gtg922r/obsidian-numerals: An obsidian plugin which turns a math code block into a full featured calculator

Still pending but will test soon.

edit: brief testing and I’m already all in. Nice. thanks @ryanc !

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Yeah, keeping an eye on that too

Glad you’re finding Numerals useful! A Numbr or Numi type experience next to my notes was definitely the primary motivation for the creation of the Numerals plugin.

Most of the heavily lifting is done by mathjs, so until I expand the documentation on Numerals, mathjs docs are a good place to learn what else it (and by extension Numerals) is capable of.

I’m still actively developing Numerals and happy to address specific additional use-cases. Please feel free to file new issues for any feature requests.


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