Math variables and auto-calculations

I think it would be great to have an extension that adds symbolic math & automatic calculations. Something similar to MathCAD or SMath, but with Obsidian’s file structure, cross links, and tags would make my life easier.

For a mechanical engineering project with a lot of subsystems, It would be great to display and search all the calculations and cross link what connects to what. Auto unit conversions in SMath have made my life easier, but structuring all the different calculations that go into a project and having them searchable seems like the next step in a better work flow. It would be nice to separate it all into smaller chunks and tag each equation type while crosslinking to a main overview file.

For those unfamiliar with SMath/mathCAD, it provides easy display of math formulas where you can define variable values and have it auto-populate answers from equations, while commenting inline to explain what you are doing. It lets you work with matrices, easily and perform calculations without the sloppiness of Excel or typing things into a calculator. It is easy to copy and paste formulas between sheets to run the same calculation type for multiple projects.

This might be tricky to implement using only markdown notes, and I understand it could be a little development intensive. One solution could be to implement a reader for SMath’s file type, or create a different type of file all together.

I’m new to Obsidian, so if there is an existing solution to this please share. Otherwise, I think it would be a great feature to add and would simplify my project notes under one format.


I’d appreciate calculations as well! I think it might flow a little better within advance table capabilities. I believe we aren’t too far away with this work:

+1 Would be great to be able to auto populate answers from equations like 1+3= , 5x4=, etc. similar function exists in OneNote


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Очень не хватает расчетов MathCAD или SMath + рисование фигур.

I think at the risk of emacsifying Obsidian a bit-- it would be awesome to have a simple core calculator plugin, that can be used in a small pane off to the side, actually. Would boost my productivity by a ridiculous amount. And also help people with disabilities not have to switch screens to use a calc app or browser.

Of course inline would be extremely cool too. But I think a simple calculator plugin is an extremely worthy core plugin, rather than third-party.

@hestmatematik The easiest alternative that I know is to use a calculate button type

Meld calc works well for me GitHub - meld-cp/obsidian-calc

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Any chance that this was added or is possible by some simple manner? I’m also looking for the ability to do simple in-line arithmetic, nothing fancy.

You might try embedding your favorite online calculator in an iframe. You could then move it where you want, dock it, etc.



[Online Calculator](
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I’ve recently developed an Obsidian plugin which provides some of this functionality. Obsidian Numerals gives you the power of an advanced calculator inside a math code block, complete with currencies, units, variables, and math functions. You can perform calculations alongside your notes, and see both the input and the evaluated result in Live Preview or Reader view.

Numerals is not yet in the Obsidian communities plugins list, but those interested in trying it out can install it easily via BRAT. Feedback is encouraged and welcome!

Obsidian Numerals Screenshot