Show creation and update date

I cannot find the creation and update time of a note inside Obsidian.
I can sort by edit time, but neither in the note itself nor in the explorer can one see the dates.

I marked three places where I could expect dates to be shown.
Of course this could be a setting, so minimalists could hide the dates.


+1 to this! These dates are useful metadata for me to “date” ideas that I write about. They also help contextualize loose meeting notes.

My current workaround is to navigate to my .md files in my file explorer (Finder, OSX), which takes many steps.

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+1 good idea

(Feature Request)

Keep it simple and minimal yet we still have the Last Edited Date/timestamp upon Mouseover the note icon/title.

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+1 by me, too! I’m surprised that a metadata panel isn’t displayed… I come from Joplin, where there’s a little i icon on the upper right with creation date, last modified date, number of words, of characters, etc.

Allow me to drop a screenshot for inspiration:


I’d love for a plugin (if not core) that would maintain a “created” and “updated” fields in YAML front matter for each note, and display it available via a command (like the Joplin UI shared above).


Exactly. This would be a gift for static generator website users, too!


Also discussed in thread: Improve date and time management

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