Search for Both x and y notes

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Use case or problem

reduce the number of item appearing in a search.

I tried the plugin called Vantage by RyanjaMurphy. It searches for x and y. But that brings up all individual uses of the x and y. Too many terms appear.

For example, I am looking for a topic that has a vague link. Perhaps it is an orphan. I will never find my note if all the hundred of notes containing either x or y appear. I have 4000 notes.

Proposed solution

The search needed by me is x plus y are both necessary for the search.

I am a hopeless novice. I rely on RyanjaMurphy’s ingenuity.

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

I’m not sure if you noticed, but RyanjaMurphy is a moderator and member of the Obsidian Team. It’s against the Code of Conduct to “ping” or tag them. Thanks. I edited your post to remove the tags.

Also, I’d suggest asking in the Vantage thread.

Perhaps someone can offer some advice.

Well x and y is too abstract, could you give real-world examples, please?

The clearer your ideas, the easier /quicker you’ll find. People on this forum come from all paths of life, with very different needs but I think we all develop our specific tags, folder structure, name conventions, keywords. This process doesn’t happen over night

It’s not the tool to give you the right output, what matters is the right input and looking with the right keywords is practice.

Jopp is right, some actual examples would help.

Space in a search is an implicit “AND”. So you should already be able to narrow a search to things that only contain both X and Y. By using a search X Y or narrowed even further "X" "Y". Some examples of your search syntax would help.

(I think I’ve also said that before, and been confused about how it actually works. But I keep testing it, and it seems to work.)

Also please search before posting in FR. Related existing threads. (I’m sure there are a couple more. This has come up in help threads quite a few times.)

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