Search changed. How can I change it back to the old search?

So the search changed and now anything with colons in it doesn’t work.

I usually search for urls and that is broken now.

Anyone knows how to fix it? How can I restore the old search? Or toggle it with hotkey.

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I found this discussion …

Was the search seriously changed without giving a way to reverse to basic search?

So for how many thousand people did that break their workflows with obsidian?

Who did approve this misery…


no seriously this is the most backward change I have ever witnessed in a software project…


at least a option to change the mode to “autoquote any box content”…

dafuq, did I miss it and obsidian was bought by microsoft?

Take some deep breaths, and use quotes or regular expressions. You may also want to upvote this feature request: Support escaping symbols used in the syntax of global search

What is “box content”?

search box content.

Yes true, sorry. But it’s really hard to wrap my head around how this was changed in this way…

I love obsidian, i can totally see the value of the new search BUT in freaggin hell…
why alienate all the non-geeks and regress this simple universal feature in this way.

Also it might be worth posting a feature request to specifically recognize http and related url prefixes as definitely not search operators, since that seems like a sensible exception. (Tho URLs starting with file:// unfortunately clash with search syntax.)

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I use obsidian as bookmark manager too.

And usually when I bookmark some github url i do a quicksearch to make sure I don’t have it already noted.

Now I cannot do this anymore.

Adding quotes manually everytime is not feasable. Regex also needs more interaktions now no?

Actually I hoped that obsidian will start automatically pasting from clipboard to search like vscode can do.

Okay maybe the best thing coming out of this is that I finally must write my own plugin to check for dupes already when I copy-to-clipboard in the browser :slight_smile:

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Ah, yeah, the slashes would need to be escaped (or replaced with periods) in a regex, so that’s not actually helpful. I’d been thinking you could just put a slash on either side of the url and it’d be a little easier to type than quotes.

My apology for my initial outburst. That just rubbed me so hard the wrong way lol. Also had bad sleep.

Love you Obsidian People :heart:


Computers help us do things faster, including get upset! :upside_down_face:


I think the best way would be to have a toggle → Switch back to basic search.

Make advanced search the default if you must but allow setting a hotkey to enable a simple search mode.

That would solve it for everyone forever.

That might be worth a feature request, too.

Feature request here:

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I switched to the omnisearch plugin to solve this problem.


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