Create Toggle / Option for Hotkey -> Basic Search <--> Advanced search because the new default is not so good

Use case or problem

Urls cannot any longer be searched because the colon interferes with obsidians search options.

Proposed solution

Add a toggle to switch to classic basic search.

Unfortunately the current solution does not account for basic things like searching for urls.
It breaks the workflow for many people that use obsidian as bookmarking tool.
Which is a given in a KB tool.

A toggle would easily alleviate the issue and solve it for everyone.

Current workaround (optional)

Escaping and/or manually editing the pasted clipboard content

Related feature requests (optional)

Please please. I have ADHD and I basically cannot do my monthly tab cleanup and this is driving me seriously crazy :slight_smile:

I currently consider writing a plugin that communicates with a browser extension so my mouse cursor turns red when I copied a url that already exists in obsidian.

But this is weeks away. schedule is tight :heart:

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