Run in Portable Mode?

+100 for Portable mode.

The portability of Obsidian vaults is one of the most beautiful things about Obsidian. Pretty unbelievable that it doesn’t have an app portable mode.

Has there been any progress on this? The BAT script above doesn’t work, the wetransfer link is down, and no responses for ~3 months for
Is this a pipe dream at this point?


portable pls

Very necessary! I tried the method with substitution through BAT. But if I launch a link in a browser from Obsidian, then a new profile is created. And all the cache and garbage from the browser ends up in my folder! This is bad :frowning:

The problem is I am not sure which env variable is used by Obsidian to locate the user profile folder.
Since many env variables are changed, when you launch the browser it will see an empty APPDATA folder and will recreate a profile folder.

Turning Obsidian into a portable app is a 5 minute process using the free tool which @cfjrb mentioned more than a year ago.

Here’s how:

  1. Download Enigma Virtual Box from and install it.

  2. Run the app and it will look like this:

  1. Right click on your Obsidian app, right click on the word “Obsidian”, then click on Properties:

  1. Copy the path to obsidian.exe:

Paste that into the Enter Input File Name field:

  1. Add any path you like for output file name.

  2. Click on Add, then Add Folder Recursive:

  1. Paste in the same folder from the Obsidian.exe step, click OK and choose %DEFAULT FOLDER%:

  1. Click Process, and it will create the portable app for you.

I have tested this app on a computer without Obsidian installed, running from a USB stick, and it worked perfectly.


If you don’t want to build it yourself and you trust an upload from some random guy on the internet, here’s Obsidian Portable 0.15.9:

Obsidian Portable 0.15.9 - download from Google Drive

Otherwise just follow the steps above, it takes less than 5 minutes to make your own Obsidian portable version.


I solved my problem through NTFS file links.
My bat file is in the program folder for the “link”.
set pathdest=%APPDATA%\obsidian
MKLINK /D “%pathdest%” “%~dp0obsidian”

+1 on this if a web version included in sync is not implemented. An official portable install seems like a less labour intensive thing to allow for similar use cases as described by several users in this thread.

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When I’m in step 7 I’m unable to find anything after Application Data \ … It only appears Microsoft.
Any suggestions please?

Paste a screenshot of what you see after you right-click the Obsidian icon, right-click the word “Obsidian”, then click Properties.

Thanks for quick anser

This is where I get.

This is where I want to get
A donde quiero llegar

Paste here. Don’t browse:


I appreciate your help.

But not working yet… I looks like calling a ¡¿chrome?¡ folder?

Just download my ready-made one:

Obsidian Portable 0.15.9

The transfer is expired. Would you please upload it? Thanks!!

Updated for v1.0.0:

Obsidian Portable 1.0.0


I need a portable version on my device

This is great, thanks for continually updating. Maybe soon you will be posting a if they address some of the slowdown issues with 1.0, if that indeed is a thing.

With your portable, can you specify the working directory or drive? So you point it to your vault location, I get that. And the non-vault-spcific program settings which used to be in a c/userdata/obsidian type location, that will also be contained in the portable or USB location – but what about temp files, cache, or any other working files – will it use a default operating system location (which I dont want) or will it also use the USB or other specified portable folder/location?

I don’t believe you can change the location of those files whether in a normal install or portable install, so it will just be the default location.

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My experience is that this still writes to %APPDATA%.

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