Obsidian Run in Portable Mode?

@a1man There are instructions right here. It takes 5 minutes.


Thanks Pamela I was just looking for it and u just post it, Its destiny haha

FYI @Papela you will get told off by the team for distributing binaries, same as my Github repo did:

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It would be nice if the developers actually IMPLEMENTED this 2 year old request and stop making assumptions on where the end-users want the software to live.


I’m still waiting…

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I can’t see any downside of Obsidian as portable software for the owner. I can see why a proper file handling in iOS (allowing to choose the vault outside the obsidian folder) would be a problem for selling their own (much more expensive) solution. But a portable app, why not? Am I missing something?

That is not the reason why arbitrary vault locations aren’t supported. Apple doesn’t provide the necessary API to easily monitor all files in a vault outside an app’s local storage.

I don’t think there’s any nefarious reason why portable apps don’t have official support other than time being a finite resource.


I’m also still waiting…

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Bumping to say this is an essential feature for me to use my separate paid plan I bought specifically for work notes. At an org of my size the review process for apps just makes it unlikely to ever get a notes app that is only used by a handful of us approved ahead of the queue of other more “important” apps. I’ll probably try some of the unofficial portable apps, but hope we can see this added to the roadmap at least!

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I would benefit from this hugely, I use obsidian on my phone, and being able to have it on a USB to have anywhere would be extremely useful.

The same for me- would really love a portable version

Same here; give us a portable version, please

+1 totally need a portable version

+1 this would save me a ton of time from re-installing in a virtual environment

+1 I fully support having an official version of Obsidian portable.
For those of us who use it in classes and must move between different computers, I suggest a button that quickly toggles dark/light mode and changes text, colors, etc., to the chosen mode depending on the brightness of the room.