Obsidian Run in Portable Mode?

@a1man There are instructions right here. It takes 5 minutes.


For those of you who want to try it, here is the link to download it. I have uploaded the .zip file or the .exe created with the PortableApps installer.
If it helps you, I would appreciate a star in the GitHub repository. :star:

Download Link


Thanks Pamela I was just looking for it and u just post it, Its destiny haha

FYI @Papela you will get told off by the team for distributing binaries, same as my Github repo did:

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It would be nice if the developers actually IMPLEMENTED this 2 year old request and stop making assumptions on where the end-users want the software to live.


I’m still waiting…

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I can’t see any downside of Obsidian as portable software for the owner. I can see why a proper file handling in iOS (allowing to choose the vault outside the obsidian folder) would be a problem for selling their own (much more expensive) solution. But a portable app, why not? Am I missing something?

That is not the reason why arbitrary vault locations aren’t supported. Apple doesn’t provide the necessary API to easily monitor all files in a vault outside an app’s local storage.

I don’t think there’s any nefarious reason why portable apps don’t have official support other than time being a finite resource.