Portable Version Instructions by AlanG

Turning Obsidian into a portable app is a 5 minute process using the free tool which @cfjrb mentioned more than a year ago.

You can find the latest version of this guide here: Turn Obsidian into a portable app

Here’s how:

  1. Download Enigma Virtual Box from https://enigmaprotector.com/en/downloads.html and install it.

  2. Run the app and it will look like this:

  1. Right click on your Obsidian app, right click on the word “Obsidian”, then click on Properties:

  1. Copy the path to obsidian.exe:

Paste that into the Enter Input File Name field:

  1. Add any path you like for output file name.

  2. Click on Add, then Add Folder Recursive:

  1. Paste in the same folder from the Obsidian.exe step, click OK and choose %DEFAULT FOLDER%:

  1. Click Process, and it will create the portable app for you.

I have tested this app on a computer without Obsidian installed, running from a USB stick, and it worked perfectly.


I solved my problem through NTFS file links.
My bat file is in the program folder for the “link”.
set pathdest=%APPDATA%\obsidian
MKLINK /D “%pathdest%” “%~dp0obsidian”

When I’m in step 7 I’m unable to find anything after Application Data \ … It only appears Microsoft.
Any suggestions please?

Paste a screenshot of what you see after you right-click the Obsidian icon, right-click the word “Obsidian”, then click Properties.

Thanks for quick anser

This is where I get.

This is where I want to get
A donde quiero llegar

Paste here. Don’t browse:


I appreciate your help.

But not working yet… I looks like calling a ¡¿chrome?¡ folder?

This is great, thanks for continually updating. Maybe soon you will be posting a if they address some of the slowdown issues with 1.0, if that indeed is a thing.

With your portable, can you specify the working directory or drive? So you point it to your vault location, I get that. And the non-vault-spcific program settings which used to be in a c/userdata/obsidian type location, that will also be contained in the portable or USB location – but what about temp files, cache, or any other working files – will it use a default operating system location (which I dont want) or will it also use the USB or other specified portable folder/location?

My experience is that this still writes to %APPDATA%.

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Hi - have you chosen not to make a portable for 1.03?

Thanks boss. When you have time, 1.1?

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the greatest, you are… thanks! have you taken a look at the latest v10 of enigma? did you use that for this? do you notice and changes in features/portable performance? /ease of portable creation?


First off, thank you very much AlanG. This is super helpful. But I did experience a serious problem…

WARNING TO ANYONE TRYING THIS: BACKUP all your vaults and settings within Vaults folder(s) and AppData location(s) for obsidian BEFORE trying this!!

Stupid me, I assumed the portable install/tryout would leave my old very carefully customized install the way it was, but its totally destroyed now, and I have to rebuild it …seemingly from scratch.

Not sure where the interference is (happened); I will probably figure it out after I rebuild it. What a freakin’ nightmare.

Quick Update Here:
Well ::whew::, I happened to have a backup and fortunately was able to restore my old setup.
Unfortunately, during the restore I had some trouble, so now I am uncertain exactly what/where the problem resides (in order to share it with you all).
I suspect its in one of the “.obsidian” folders either in the Vault folders themselves OR the AppData (Windows) folder -obviously-, but until I fully retest I wont know.

I think THE QUESTION is going to be …is there a way to assign unique “.obsidian” folders by use of different versions of Obsidian (Portable and/or the prime install).

The reason I would want to use different versions is to test out features, and possibly to rebuild a new/alternate workscape for one or more vaults that I can switch to for taking advantage of features I may want that only exist in one or the other of the versions.
Example: The only version of Andy Matuschak Mode that works with all the features I use/need is an old one, and it only works in an older version of Obsidian. The newer Obsidian with Stacked Tabs is too limited but has other features I would take advantage of during certain editing sessions.

Anyway. I will post back here when I have more info, but its going to be a while before I can circle back to this.

Hi @HTHawks, yes the portable version still writes to the normal %appdata% location, which cannot be changed. This is mentioned above in the thread here, and in the posts above and below it.

As the portable version was created for people who cannot install the normal Obsidian, this doesn’t seem to be much of an issue.

If you’re wanting to run it alongside an installed Obsidian, it might not be the right solution, as the same %appdata% folder and settings will be shared (and impacted) by all the installed Obsidians.

I have updated the Github readme with this same information.

Thanks Alan.

Maybe it goes without saying, but .obsidian will also be read/written to when opening a vault (with any Obsidian version). You could try using the override config folder setting to have .obsidian-119, .obsidian-0159, etc, config folders, but I’m not sure if that setting persists when opening and closing multiple Obsidian versions.

Thanks …yeah, I just noticed that feature. I will be looking into it.

thank you, appreciate your taking the time to do this - regarding the appdata aspect, i think there are some virtualization apps, probably the leading ones, that allow for the moving of all folders to one single folder, so that you can yank out a USB and continue work on another machine like nothing happened. program folder, cache, working directory, data directory, all of it. I havent used enigma yet, but I will. Am I to infer that enigma does not provide that facility at all in its current development iteration, or that perhaps it does, but there’s some sort of difficulty in handling that with obs? question my aside, again, thank you AlanG

Links to third party redistributions/packages of Obsidian have been removed from forum because we do not endorse them.

I followed the instructions Turn Obsidian into a portable app, but with the latest release 10.60 of Enigma virtual box, it does not work anymore to get a portable app from obsidian. Someone in the forum Cannot make a portable app with Obsidian (Win64) - Enigma Protector told me to ask in this obsidian forum.

The release 10.50 was the last release that worked for me.

Is there anything that has changed in Obsidian 5.3?