Restore panel size to previous state when closing another panel

Obsidian panels are great, but I’m resizing them dozens of times throughout the day. That’s because when I close a panel, the remaining panels revert back to a standard size.

It would be much better if the panels go back to their previous size. That is, the size they had before opening a new panel.


By default I work in the left panel, and use the smaller right panel for reading and browsing:

But now I open a new panel from the left panel. This new panel becomes the middle panel:

After I’m done with the newest panel, I close it. But now my panels don’t go back to their previous size:

Now I have to resize them by hand again. It would be more productive if I can just continue typing. :slight_smile:

(I searched the forum but didn’t a discussion similar to this thread. But I might have used the wrong search phrase. Let me know if I overlooked something!)


I’m having the same issue - I keep a calendar pane pinned to the upper left of my workspace and when I create/destroy panes I end up with a calendar half the width of my screen, have to manually resize

Having panes go back to their previous size would solve it, as would Open in a new pane (with ctrl/cmd-click) should be open in the "other" pane - #2 by bruab

Same issue here. Is there some way to keep some panes size static?

This is a +1 for me. I work on many different files per day, but I have a couple of panes I would like static (e.g. DailyNote, Local Graph, Graph, etc.) and then working panes.

I spend a good amount of time grabbing the vertical border and realigning things, only having to do it again in 5 minutes when I move on to the next thing/file.

Saved workspace is fine at the outset, but every time I open new files or close files, everything moves.

Since I’m relatively new, I’m not sure if I’m just not understanding the UI, but the constant rebalancing of panes is…well…a pain.