Open in a new pane (with ctrl/cmd-click) should be open in the "other" pane

This may matter even more for the graph view. Rather than open N progressively smaller and smaller planes, I’d prefer reusing the same other pane. Specially from a search or graph view you are more likely to look at alternate files until you find the right one (instead wanting to open up a bunch of them). Right now you will have to close multiple panes.

That is, creating new panes can be a separate function.


I run into this a lot, too - ideally I’d have a designated “hot pane” where everything opens by default

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I usually have two panes open, one of them being a calendar/todo list and the other one for writing. I’d like to open the wikilinks in my calendar in the other pane.

User Sam Tang on the Discord also requested this feature one month ago.

However, I would prefer a separate hotkey for that instead of - as tzhou on Discord said - “cannibalizing” the ctrl+click which is reserved for opening new panes/tabs.

Would be very useful!

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