Pane scaling is asymmetric when opening/closing panes. Leads to the left-most pane becoming very wide

As the title says, the issue is that when I open a new pane, it splits the width of the current pane. When I close it, all panes resize to fill the space. What ends up happening is that eventually my left-most panes (my weekly to-do list and my graph view are stacked vertically) end up taking up most of the screen. I end up constantly resizing this pane.

Things I have tried

I don’t see any options in my current style sheet that determine the behavior of panes when opening and closing panes. Is there a way to specify resizing behavior, such that all panes resize proportionally when opening and closing panes?

I tried searching, but didn’t come up with any solutions. I found one feature request related to this issue from 2020, but no solutions.

What I’m trying to do

I am hoping for either a plugin or a CSS snippet that will lead to symmetric resizing, such that when I open a note, the existing panes resize proportionally, and when I close a note, the remaining panes expand proportionally. Thanks in advance.


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