Rename folder with shortcut f2 in left collapse / sidebar

Basicially this Feature Request but with folder: Add F2 rename note hotkey in left collapse / sidebar

Use case or problem

I want to quickly rename the folder with f2 in sidebar on desktop (win10).

Proposed solution

  1. Select Sidebar Folder
  2. Press F2
  3. Edit Foldername

Current workaround

  1. Select Sidebar Folder
  2. Right click
  3. Click Edit
  4. Edit Foldername

Additional info

Current version I tried: v1.3.4.
Only using default core plugins.
Found nothing mentioned in the forum.

If there is already a native solution that I have overlooked, I would greatly appreciate it if someone could bring it to my attention.
Thanks in advance!

Alt/Opt + Click the folder you want to rename then press F2.

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