Provide folder/note renaming shortcut option uncoupled from function keys

Renaming process is clunky

I’m on a Mac. I’ve searched the forum for help on shortcuts to rename folders and files, but cannot find a solution that works:

It doesn’t look like the available shortcut 'Alt/Opt + Click the folder you want to rename then press F2’ works on a Mac. All it does for me is brighten my screen, this is likely due to how a Mac is setup.

I think in order for this to work in Obsidian, I would have to change the global settings on my machine to force a standard function key setting. This means losing this capability entirely (i.e., no volume, brightness, launchpad etc.). This is not at all an ideal option.

Proposed solution

MacOS allows users to rename files and folders by clicking on the item in Finder and hitting enter. Mirroring this as an option in Obsidian for all users would be ideal (the spacebar could also work).

If this is not an option, the ability for a user to set a custom shortcut would work.

Current workaround (optional)

The only option is to right click. However, the right click menu can get quite full as many plugins add service options to this. For me, using the side menu is rather cumbersome.

Renaming files and folders is painful.

Related feature requests (optional)

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Through your post, I discovered there is such thing as “Alt/Opt + Click the folder > press F2”. This works for me on Windows. I hope you find a solution on Mac too :crossed_fingers:.

Did you try this?

Enter should work.