Improvement to manipulate files and folder in the explorer

Use case or problem

Reorganizing some files and folders in the explorer, it can be tedious.
I will propose several improvements possible
N.B: I precise it’s not about opening files but more about “physically” manipulating them.

Proposed solution

desktop version

to not have to open the context menu, when a folder is selected:

  • shortcut (n) for new note
  • shortcut (f) new folder

selected file or folder:

  • shortcut (f2) to rename

on selected file or folder:

  • ctrl x ctrl v to copy paste

both platforms

  • cut and paste in the context menu
  • a search icon as what have been done in the outliner to search files or folders. and then reveal it (an option to close other folder would be useful when revealing)
  • only hightlight folder when dragging a file over a folder. if many files in the folder it’s quite obvious that we are in this folder

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

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ah this request appeared before the other closed with no link to it