Recommendation to optimize Obsidian startup speed

It seems that this issue was raised in 2021, but said that the old owner’s device was not resolved.
Another person also asked how to speed up startup/vault loading, saying that having a lot of diagrams in the vault affects it, and that wasn’t resolved either.

I’ll mention it again now in the hope that the gods in the dev team will notice and fix it :grin:.

Use case or problem

Slow startup of ob on Android
I have a vault of about 2w files in total, mainly migrated notes from EverNote and Youdao, with many images.
With 2 common plugins (obsidian-spaced-repetition, obsidian-filename-heading-sync) on, the startup time is about 36s.

With 3rd party plugins turned off, startup time is about 22s

Files in the vault:

Proposed solution

I hope that no matter how many files there are in the vault, the startup speed in the phone can be controlled within 1~2s without opening the third-party plugin; and if the third-party plugin is opened, I hope that the ob interface can also be opened first (the time is also controlled within 1~2s) and the plugin can be loaded in the background.

  • At present, you can also borrow Templater to delay the start of the plug-in, and I feel that it has no impact on the actual use. *

Current workaround (optional)

Obisidian: 1.4.6
Phone: Redmi Note 12 Turbo|225x500

A good feature proposal should contain the following elements:

Your own needs

Do not want to wait too long in the loading interface (more than 3s, it is obvious that you are waiting for the software to start), in addition, if you switch to another software, and then switch back to Obsidian, it will restart to load again (then you have to wait again, which may have the limitations of the background process management of the Android system, but such a long time to start up, but it will still be a person who cares)

On the desktop side, even if the loading time is longer (I test my Win10 system, open the third-party plug-in startup about 20s, do not open about 10s), you can switch to other software windows, do not have to stare at the startup interface waiting, the impact is not great.
Of course, if the desktop side can also be optimized for startup speed, it would be better~

Tried/imagined solutions

Borrowing Templater plugin to adjust the delayed startup time of the plugin doesn’t seem to help much.

Related feature requests (optional)

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I don’t understand this post. moved to help

They’re asking for faster startup time on Android.

I think this user may have some other issue.
You have a new phone. What does it mean 2w files in total?

What is the startup time with an empty vault?

I apologize for the misunderstanding.

i translated it from chinese, it means 20k files, i will re-edit the post.

empty vault satartup time within approx. 2 second, it’s very fast.

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Try using Plugin Groups Plugin. It delays the loading of selected plugins, which reduces the startup time of Obsidian.

Note that some plugins need to load at the same time as Obsidian. (Templater, etc. that perform certain actions on startup).

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I have posted about slow startup times on Android in the past. I still need about 7-12 seconds to start the app. About 4 seconds of splash screen logo, then the remainder is loading the vault, workspace, and cache. The app requires a full reload if it’s been more than a few minutes since I’ve last used it.

  • My vault is 3,111 total files (notes and images)
  • 1.16 GB disk space usage
  • Default theme
  • I only use the Book Search and Zotero plugins. Debug plugin time is 37 ms.
  • I use Syncthing to share. Workspace, plugin, and cache folders are blacklisted. (Sharing these produces discrepancies which Syncthing will duplicate into multiple workspace files.)
  • I’m on the latest version of Android via GrapheneOS. Graphene may be the culprit kicking the app out of memory quickly (Graphene does this for security), but I have turned that feature off (whether Graphene respects that is a question I have).

The app load time isn’t the worst, but I admit is does inhibit my usage of Obsidian. I still take some notes on the fly, for instance when reading a book or listening to a podcast, but putting a book down and sitting and watching a splash screen and vault rescan is a hurdle every time I want to take a quick note is a hurdle.

An update: I’m testing some things.

I created a new vault that is not shared on Syncthing and created some sample notes. It loads instantly.

I shared it via ST and it still loads instantly. I added plugins and it’s still quick.

So it’s something with my vault notes, clearly.

I guess I’ll slowly add my notes into this new vault and see when the slowdown returns. Weird.

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Just an update. App still loads fast on every platform. I am just bringing my old notes in slowly to this new vault.

To reiterate, all I did was remove my vault entirely (to another folder) and then start fresh.

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