How to speed up app launch / vault loading?

Things I have tried

“Loading plugins”, “loading vault”, “loading cache” and then “loading workspace” take 30 seconds to a minute and a half. I am using the Windows (ver 0.12.15) and Android (ver 1.0.4) apps. I sync via Syncthing - with no ignore pattern. Syncthing works well and the actual file syncing is fast.

I have 1,300 files, 24 folders and 487 megabytes of data.

What I’m trying to do

How can I make this more efficient? I trimmed out unnecessary plugins. I am wondering if I can add ‘workspaces’ to my sync ignore list.

Can I add the cache to the ignore list too?

I used to place .obsidian in the Sync thing ignore list. However I like my plugins to sync. It’s also nice (but not crucial) to sync my workspace too - it opens the same note on mobile and desktop. But that is sometimes the longest load time. Other times ‘vault’ is the longest load time. Finally, I prefer to sync my .trash folder between instances but if that is an issue I can stop that too.

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How many plugins do you have in your Vault? I’ve got a rather large/complex Vault but it takes maybe 5 seconds to load up :confused:

Just three community plugins. Collapse All, the syntax highlighter, and Map View.

I just deactivated Map View and will try turning off and on the others one at a time for a few days.

The core plugins shouldn’t cause an issue right?

If you have any themes or CSS snippets, try disabling them as well.

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I can’t imagine the core plugins would cause that drastic of a performance hit, I think @jwl is right in suggesting CSS snippets/themes would be the best culprit to investigate.

Okay I disabled my custom theme (Cybertron) but it’s still slow to load on every app launch. On the positive side I realized I like the default theme a lot.

“Vault” loading seems to be taking the longest now.

I do have a lot of photos/images, but maybe 300 or so. That wouldn’t cause this would it?

Hmm… If Obsidian does some loading of the images, then I’d imagine that’s exactly what’s happening.

Are you able to test this out by moving all of your images out of the vault and firing it up to see how it behaves?

300 is definitely not a lot of photos. Unless the note you’re opening at launch has that many images in one single note?

I also have 305 images right now, including a few large gifs. Obsidian launches in < 2 seconds for me.

Have you investigated deactivating Syncthing, to see if that is somehow the culprit? I hear you that it syncs quickly. But maybe on launch there is some kind of indexing/caching loop happening.

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Hmm good idea. I did pause Syncthing on two devices but that didn’t really change anything.

So what I did is remove ALL notes to a different folder and just started over. I had Obsidian build a new vault. It seems to be starting instantly now.

I will slowly add old folders and notes back in and see if it slows down.

I suspect it’s something with my old .obsidian folder and not the actual note content. Not sure yet though.

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