QuickAdd Plugin

You could also use the idea suggested below, which do work in recent edition of Obsidian/QuickAdd.

Thanks - will give this a try.

Is there anyway to have variables in a section but if you don’t want the selected variables you can still write your own?

tags: {{VALUE:tech💾/purchase,Home/purchase,car🚗}}

In my template, that currently asks how I want to assign a tag to my purchase. Lets say I didn’t want to assign any of those, either wanted it blank or something new.

What are my options :slight_smile:

Obsidian API line to delete contents of a note. ( Excluding Title )


Updated API call. ActiveLeaf is deprecated.


I just saw your question, so I’m sorry for being late.

Just add a space and a comma in your values. Example:
tags:{{value: , tech, home}}

Hi, I’m very sorry but I need an help on writing a quickadd script…
it seems to be a very easy issue but I still can’t find a way.

I want to retreive a note content from a markup link.
eg from [[note]] to “this is the note content”.

Trying to write a plugin I find I could use this.app.vault.adapter.getFullPath(notetitle) and then this.app.metadataCache.getAbstractFileByPath(path)… and I suppose I can get the content with this.app.vault.cachedRead… but inside a quickapp script I can’t find a way to import onload
adapter = app.vault.adapter as FileSystemAdapter;
so I can’t retrieve the note path.

Can you help me? thanks!