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Hey everyone! I was really hoping QuickAdd to do something that turned out harder than I imagined. I want to send/capture some text to another note but I don’t want to be constrained by a list of options. The only way I’ve found to do this is using {{value}}, but I’d have to input the entire file path so that QuickAdd can find it. Is there a way to make the prompt asking for the file name be a Quick Switcher prompt, or at least any kind of search?
Alternatively, could it at least look for a file with the name I’ve given it?


Are you familiar with the QuickAdd API?

The suggester should work for such use case as

const pickedFile = await params.quickAddApi.suggester(
    (file) => file.basename,
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No, unfortunately I’m not familiar with JS or with handling API’s. However, I found a simpler solution: write the text, then use the extract text command from the note refactor core plugin. Another more advanced way someone guided me to is to use the Text Transporter plugin which is basically made for this kind of application. Thanks for your help though! :smiley:

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Brilliant plugin.

When using QuickAdd to create a new note for a movie is there a way to make the note active in the editor? At the moment, the note is created in the right folder but it doesn’t appear in the main window ready for editing.

And if a script downloads a date in one format, can it automatically be reformatted? For example, {{VALUE:Released}} downloads in DD-MM-YYYY format, but can it automatically be changed to YYYY-MM-DD-dddd?

Thanks for any tips.

In the instructions as described here: Create a movie database - Minimal Documentation
7.4 within ‘Step 3. Create a macro in QuickAdd’ is where you can set the QuickAdd option to open the newly created file.

To get there and amend your current setup:

  • From QuickAdd setting:
  • Click Manage Macros
  • Click Configure (be sure to pick the right one if you’ve more than one)
  • Then click the settings cog next to (probably step two): Movie Template (yours may be named differently)
  • Scroll down and enable ‘Open the created file’

As for changing the release date format… I’d love to do that too but have so far failed!

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How did I miss that in the instructions? Thank you so much for the detailed and clear reply. Works perfectly now.

I had seen your post about the date issue and spent a couple of hours trying to find a solution. Thought I would add it to this thread (1) for my own use, and (2) in the hope that it might be seen in a different thread and get an answer. If I ever work it out, I will be sure to share.

Thanks again.

The Create a Movie database thing is great, isn’t it? I’ve created a whole set of files and menus and, using Dataview got lots of different ways to view films: by my rating, release date, out now, the date I watched, showings I’ve booked etc.

To get around the release date issue, I’ve added a second release date field to my template and have dataview view showing where ‘my’ release date is blank: using this view a bit like an inbox. I then add the date myself in the format I want. It’s helpful to manually do it as the release date from IMDb doesn’t always tally with more local release dates. It’s less onerous than it sounds as now I’ve got a settled system, I usually only 1 or 2 films at a time.

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Yep, totally agree.

Am also using a second field for the release date and updating it manually. Would be soooooo good to automate it though. One day …


I asked a question here on how to be able to request a single date/time from the user and then apply it or parts of it in deference places using QuickAdd and its variable support. I think the (clunky) solution I found may help some people. Follwoing is a file template I use for a Capture:

title: {{VALUE}}
allDay: false
scheduled: {{VDATE:Scheduled, YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM}}
date: <% tp.date.now("YYYY-MM-DD", 0, "{{VALUE:Scheduled}}", "YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM") %>
startTime: <% tp.date.now("HH:MM", 0, "{{VALUE:Scheduled}}", "YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM") %>
endTime: <% (Number(tp.date.now("HH", 0, "{{VALUE:Scheduled}}", "YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM")) + 1).toString() + ":00" %>
completed: null

So here the user is asked to for date/time to schedule an event for the Full Calendar plugin, and the date part is used for the date field, the time part is used for the startTime field, and the endTime is calculated as the startTime + 1 (numbers treated as numbers, not dates).

Some folks might find it useful, perhaps, and, even better, maybe some folks can improve this!

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Hi everyone!

i was wondering if there’s a supported way to create a template choice, that instead of using the current date in the title, it uses the date from the filename of the active note/ parent note/ the note in which the template is triggered

Loved using the capture choice so far, i was wondering if this can be done in the templates too, or if its possible via script using the API, i tried script in macros but yielded 0 success in terms of changing the templates filename

I was wondering if anyone or @Christian can help me shedding some light on this

Hi @Christian , first - thank you for this plugin! I am wondering if there is a way to use a macro that first prompts the quick switcher and only if file needs to be created, then to trigger the folder that asks which template. Only because I ave lost track of what notes I have and need to be using the search a lot more. Is there a way to do this in macro?

@Nevertheless I have used templaters: <%moment(tp.file.title,‘YYYY-MM-DD’) %> to use the current file’s date. But not sure if that is what you meant?

Hello everyone! Is it possible to use images in a suggester? I am trying something like this:

	var questions = [];
	var answers = [];
	for(var i = 0; i < books.length; i+=1){
		questions[i]="<span>" + books[i][0] + "</span><img src=\"" + books[i][1] + ">";
	const choice = await QuickAdd.quickAddApi.suggester( questions, answers );

where books[][0] has the title, books[][1] a link to the cover, but the html is not rendered. Probably the default suggester is only displaying text.

I am trying to make a macro similar to the imdb example. The problem with books is that there are several editions with the same author and title, I was hoping to select them by cover, because the cover differs.

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I have exactly the same problem. Did you figured out how to use dataview api inside quickadd .js scripts?

Christian, I never thanked you for this plugin so please accept belated thanks.

Now that ChatGPT is available I am getting a lot more use out of it. I’m not a coder but have been able to adapt the provided examples to import data from multiple different APIs (GoogleBooks, YouTube, BoardGameGeek) exactly the way I want it formatted. It feels like wizardry!


How can I create a option of file to select based on a tag all those files have?
The tag tp be already pre-defined somewhere.

I am not able to make a working macro to pull that out.
I have tried {{FIELD:fieldName}} but it request the tag to be selected each time this fire.
Anyone have any already working macro on QuickAdd for that?

Could you share more about your workflow with ChatGPT in that matter? Would be interesting :slight_smile:

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Hello… I’m a complete javascript newbie… using Quickadd for a while now and it is amazing.

I have a use case for adding an atomic note that I call from either my project files, or my daily file, and if its invoked from a project file, I don’t want to invoke the suggester at all, however if invoked from Daily, I’d like to use suggester to list my active projects and insert the link.

I have the suggester part working…(thank you Christian for the goals/project example) the part that I don’t have working is determining if activeFile is Daily file or not

Tried a number of things, but currently reads:

if (!activeFile.file.path.contains("Daily")) {
  return; }

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi all,

Help me please. I try to do things using Templater and QuickAdd…
I want to do: [x] - done, [ ] - want to do

  • [x] make template for a new file with rule: if the title for example = “a new title”, in the bottom of the file I have [## SYSTEM_TAGS|] area, I insert there my index tag = the first character(upper case) of the title “a new title”-> #A
  • [ ] if I rename my file title, I need to renew my system tag automatically. if I change “a new title” → “it is old file”. For “it is old file” I want tag #I

Another things I want to ask: is there any plugin or solution to SETTING CURSOR to the end of the file. Not CTRL + END global shortcut, it is cool, but it is not programmable - I can’t choose it as command. If it will be like command - it can be used in macros and helps to improve using templates.

Hi @Christian. Love your quickadd plugin - thank you! Just wondering if a date picker was implemented? I know I can use VDATE and the NL plug-in, but sometimes a date picker would be easier to use.