Proxy setting


I’m working on a PC with restricted internet connection. So I’m not able to connect to my account without using proxy. It will be great if Obsidian supports proxy in the future.

obsidian uses the proxy settings of your OS

This answer is not helpful.
If he has a real proxy like me, the system knows only IP and Port. The next question the proxy has will be: Username and password please! That’s the point where the knowledge of “your OS” ends.
So there is neither a questioning dialog from obsidian nor somewhere a good answer.

Password management of the proxy setting also depends on your OS. You can google it on how to do it for windows and mac.

Enter proxy server settings on Mac - Apple Support.

Sorry, WhiteNoise, you don’t get the topic here. What you are talking about are system settings and playing-around-pseudo-proxies.

It is not sense of this kind of proxy (we are talking here about) to ask systems for passwords… So what would such a proxy be good for?!
If you provide the system with the password, everything on right this system get’s through it. No further asking, because system does it and knows everything.
The sense of such a proxy is that what want’s to get through has to be authenticated! Everything! And yes, it sucks to authenticate the whole day… Of course the admin can set exceptions for windows update. But that’s it! If you want browse - authenticate! If you wan’t see templates in MSO - authenticate! If you wan’t obsidian to go into the internet… yes, where is the authenticate dialog or at least a setting for it?! Nowhwere! That’s the point we are talking about here.
And yes, you can set exceptions in your settings. And yes you get fired for that. Period.