How to block sync?

After using Obsidian for personal use, I’d like to use it at work for my work notes.

In order to do that, I need approval from our InfoSec team, and they may not approve it because sync is a feature.

Is there a sync domain name they can block or a way to prevent sync from being accessible for the app?

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Sync is a core plugin that you can turn off.

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The question is how to block/prevent it from being turned on, so that the security department can allow the app to be installed.

@falcon you may find information here from Whitenoise. Your team can likely block it via a proxy server. Proxy setting - #2 by WhiteNoise

Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, it looks like the url’s are a bit too broad. I work for a tech company, we can’t block github :rofl:

I was hoping that somebody would be able to point out a more restrictive url pattern to block like, etc, but I haven’t been able to uncover any extra domains. I’ve searched for issued certificates, but that only turned up a wildcard cert, and random nslookup queries haven’t found anything useful.

The main thing I’m seeing is a .obsidian/core-plugins.json file in the root of the vault that gets an entry for sync when enabled, but that’s going to require them to write powershell automation to block, when a url is going to be much easier and cleaner.

fwiw, it looks like I’m going to have to ask them to block as well.

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