Failed to load community plugin

My System Version
Windows 10 pro

Obsidian Version

When I tried to browse and install the community plug-in in the settings, the interface was blank, prompting “Failed to load community plugin”.
I tried to create a new library, but the same error was prompted.
I tried to install the old version 0.10.01, but the version is still displayed as 0.12.15 after the installation. And the problem still exists

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Hard to say what’s going on. Is this the first time you’ve tried to visit the plugins?

This is not the first time I have used plug-ins. When I first used Obsidian on this computer, I could browse and install plug-ins normally. It’s just that I can’t browse normally recently.

Because I started the automatic update, I don’t know from which version I can’t browse and install the plug-in normally.

When I browse the theme community, it says “Could not load the community theme, please check your network”. How does Obsidian configure the proxy separately

Did you recently start using a proxy or VPN or something? It sounds like that is the issue. See:

Unable to update/fetch community plugins behind http proxy (linux)

Proxy setting

Http proxy support (for GFW bypass)

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