Http proxy support (for GFW bypass)

I am an insider and my copy of Obsidian is not auto updating. I am at version .74. I have followed the instructions for auto updating. I have the auto update turned on andI am signed in.

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Can you try to completely uninstall obsidian, and reinstall it from the installer of 0.7.4. Then login/enable insider build in the settings.

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That worked.

I have the same problem and tried the method you mentioned above, but it still doesn’t work. Is it possible to manually update to an insider build?

Did you log in obsidian? Did you enable receiving insider build?

Yes, and I noted that I don’t have an “insider” badge even though I used the same e-mail address for both accounts on the obsidian and obsidian forums.

Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 2.12.04 PM

Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 2.10.21 PM


Do you receive normal updates?
Is it possible that you are behind a corporate firewall?
What happens if you manually check for update in the ui?

We manually add the insider badge.

Thanks for replying.

No, I haven’t received normal updates, so I always download new updates from the forum.

Yes, I am in mainland China with the Great Firewall. But I have tried using a VPN but it still doesn’t work.

Manually click the Check for Update button and it displays “Check for update” , after that, nothing happens and it still displays “Your app is up to date!”.

I would use regular updates if this was too much trouble. :smiley:

Try this:

  1. Enable the vpn,
  2. open obsidian
  3. open console in (cmd-shift-i)
  4. check for updates

what happens?

I tried these steps and nothing happened, nothing was shown on the console.

I can’t update to the insider builds too, I am also in China.

I’ll move it to bug reports. We’ll see if there is something we can do to help people behind the great firewall.

In China, can you access GitHub without a VPN?

If you use a VPN, does your vpn software also tunnels requests from other software or just the browser?

In China, GitHub can’t be accessed without a VPN.

Some software should update with a http proxy option, that means Obsidian should also provide this option.

What I don’t understand is if your VPN software tunnels all traffic generated by your computer or just the browser?

In other words, do you use a proper VPN or do you use an HTTP proxy?

Sorry for the late response. And yes, you are right. I checked with my “VPN” supplier and it is not a proper “VPN” but an http proxy, although they use the word “VPN” in their banner:)

Do you have your proxy set up system wise in your window or mac?

Yes, according to the proxy supplier’s response, their app will automatically set up the proxy system wise. I tested this with OmniFocus and it syncs properly with the Omni server when the proxy is turned on.

Ok, we’ll see if we can update within the app using the system proxy settings.

@Licat, leaving here this for you