Properties: Unassign type is greyed it, and I can't remove them :(

What I’m trying to do

Remove properties that I don’t use. Currently that list has

  • aliases 0
  • cssclasses 0
  • tags 0

It looks like some things are lingering from old notes

Things I have tried

  1. Right clicking on a property and selecting “Unassign type”, but it’s greyed it
  2. Creating a new file with those properties and trying the same as in step 1 - the options are still greyed out
  3. Found a similar topic here - Properties Plugin doesn't forget some unused Keys , and it looks like the issue should be fixed. I’m using v1.4.16 on a Mac and I still have this issue.
  4. I tried looking for types.json as mentioned here Reddit - Dive into anything but I don’t see that file in .obsidian folder anymore, which I assume got removed or something

Help me please remove those properties, they drive me crazy…

Those three properties are part of the basic Obsidian properties, so I don’t think you can remove those at all. Most, if not all, other properties are free for you to remove/unassign.

Oh, I see, didn’t know that, thank you for clarifying it
It’s just confusing because it has no references to anything and just pollutes it for me

I almost wish they’d add a “hide default” checkbox or something to avoid it, if we absolutely need these

For most people they’re really useful.

Tags for categorising your notes in various ways, far extending the possibilities given by folders or other means.

Aliases for providing name alias to be used when autocompleting links between notes. Like having the note named after the fully qualified name, but adding acronyms and nicknames in the aliases.

Lastly, the cssclasses can be used to visually enhance your notes on a note to note basis, so that you could make room for that really large table, or maybe you’d like your index notes to stand out from the rest, and so on.

So all three are useful for various users, for various bits and pieces.

I see, yeah that makes a lot of sense, I understand
I’m just curious how many people actually use those default properties, and for how many those are… just there

For example, I didn’t understand that these properties have more meaning than just their names until you explained it to me. Does an average user understand that and uses it to the best advantage? Or use properties overall for that matter?

Again, for me personally it would be more helpful to have your comment in an (i) icon that would explain the use of those default properties, but still remove it from the list if it has 0 references, since it feels like it’s just polluting

I have the same issue as Naz. I cannot delete or unassign a single property, including properties I inadvertently made.

You could suggest that in Feature requests to add informational icon to the default properties.

@tusuri , if you can’t delete other properties besides tags, aliases and cssclasses, your issue is not the same, and you’ll need to open another thread.

Great idea, I’ll do that

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