Accessing note contents from a plugin?

Use case or problem

When going to “properties” tab on the right side panel, I expect there to only be my properties, and not see the default ones like

  • aliases 0
  • cssclasses 0
  • tags 0

Which are not possible to remove (I wrote more about it in this thread: Properties: Unassign type is greyed it, and I can't remove them :( )

Proposed solution

  1. Make it possible to remove default properties, if there are 0 usages by right clicking and choosing “Unassign type”


  1. If there are many using them and they are absolutely necessary, as mentioned in the thread here: Properties: Unassign type is greyed it, and I can't remove them :( - #4 by holroy then please improve it by making it possible to hide default properties (a checkbox “Hide default” will be enough"), and possibly explain what the default properties do
    For example I didn’t know alias changes the file description on open file, cssclasses allow you to add custom classes to the file, and tags are part of properties too

Having said, I still don’t think I’ll use these for now, and they feel like they pollute my properties tab now, so I’d like to get rid of them somehow

Current workaround (optional)

None :frowning:

Related feature requests (optional)

You could also having an icon with info and explain the default properties so new people starting with obsidian know what those default properties do as an explainer in a modal window for example. I’m using Obsidian for half a year and didn’t know that