Possible to copy paste search results beyond just links?

Hello, I’m curious to learn if I am missing something or is there a plug-in somewhere, i’ve looked and looked but I cannot find anything close to what I am seeking.

You know how if you search something it will give you back the results and then you can copy paste the results into a blank document but then all it gives you is a list of the links?

Is there a way instead where, let’s say I search a word and it gives me back seven different files where that word is found, instead of copy pasting the links and then me manually going into each one and then having to find where that word is again and then possibly extracting out that section for a side reason, sidestepping all this manual labor and being able to just copy paste over the actual complete section where that word is found, per document, into a new document?

Some links here:

And a possible method using Templater and Dataview (I haven’t tried it yet, but plan to):

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Thanks for replying, The workaround section from the one example you provided “Alternative, you could click the ... menu option, “Copy search results”, [[ with ![[ so that the files are embedded in the note and the content is transcluded” worked like a charm, thank you so much!

Actually, I just realized there’s a problem. I wanted this so I could basically just copy paste over every single section that included the particular topic I was searching for in the search box, but when I do the workaround, it basically opens up the entire note from which the One Singular word simply is inside of, meaning, it’s like, merging 100% of entire notes when all I wanted it to do was represent that particular section / blurb / block/Headersworth of Words only. Le’ sigh :frowning:

I’m trying to be able to copy paste over one single topic from my entire vault scattered across all my files, into Google Gemini Pro 1.5 for it to discuss that isolated topic only.