Plugin release: Review (great for GTD projects and tickler files)

A while back I clicked the “Developer” role on the Discord, so I felt I had something to prove.


Review is a plugin that allows you to quickly add the current note to a daily note in the future. Or today. Or the past. Whatever!

It integrates with (and therefore requires) @argentum’s Natural Language Date plugin. (Really, that plugin does all the hard work. My plugin is lazy.)

I personally love it for GTD-style project review (as I use Obsidian for my tasks manager). On a project page, set it for review for a few dates in the future to make sure you don’t miss it.



Love that idea! Thanks for the plug-in!

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Does it mean that I can make a todo note for tomorrow and just put it into the daily note of tomorrow a day before so I can review it on that same day! COOL!

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I was manually, painstakingly and painfully doing this via the Calendar plugin.

Your way is so much more more and does seems to not add clutter to the original note text. (Tried to streamline the workflow before using nldates on the original note, but the cluttering on the original note was a bit distracting).

Thanks @ryanjamurphy!

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Recent updates:

  • 1.4.0: Added a setting for a default review date (e.g., when no date is entered).
  • 1.5.0: Added a command to review the current block.
  • 1.5.1: Added a setting for user-customizable block review line prefixes. Made the modal use the default date as placeholder text. Removed the extra line break for cleanliness.
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1.6.0 added support for daily note templates. Enjoy!