How to integrate the Review and Day Planner plugins

I’ve been loving James Lynch’s Day Planner plugin lately. It takes a second to figure out how to work it, but once you do, it provides a great impetus to use time blocking to make sure you have a realistic sense of your day and what you need to do.

The Review plugin is made to help you assign notes or blocks to daily notes. As the developer of Review, I started wondering how these two plugins could be built to play nicely together. Then I realized that, of course, I am a brilliant software engineer and have already allowed for this possibility.(Actual explanation: luckily the two plugins were already aligned by accident.)

  1. In Day Planner’s settings, set the mode to Command mode.
    • This means that you’ll be able to dictate what Day Planner uses to derive its plans (i.e., your daily note). (File mode means Day Planner will create Day Planner notes for you, and won’t work with this integration.)
  2. Set up your Review plugin settings to match how Day Planner works.
    • Set the Review plugin’s “Review section heading” to a heading with Day Planner; and
    • Set the line prefix to match what Day Planner looks for (e.g., - [ ] 10:00 .
  3. No step 3. You’re done! :tada:

Then, whenever you Review something, it will automatically show up in your Day Planner timeline.

A caveat: it will be first in the list (making it show up at the end is quite a bit trickier to do). Review doesn’t know what else you’ve got goin’ on, so you will need to properly assign that new thing to a functional time in your day. We can’t do everything for you, after all.

It is hard to believe that the plugin API has only been out for a month or so and we already have these neat interactions emerging. I can’t wait to see what the Obsidian ecosystem looks like in a year or more!


@ryanjamurphy Thanks for making this connection! It was just the details I needed to figure out how to implement both of these into my daily workflow :wink:

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I’m not sure why, but I’m getting this error now every minute or so:

CleanShot 2020-12-01 at 12.51.53@2x

It started after I tried to set up Day Planner (Review has been in use for a while now), so I suspect it has something to do with that Plug In. Any ideas? I have a Daily Notes folder…is it case sensitive?

Hmm. Not sure, sorry. You might want to check with the developer of the Day Planner plugin via GitHub Issues: