Pinboard to Obsidian

I noticed the post about working with Pinboard from JRHartleypool didn’t get any responses and is now closed. I, too, use Pinboard as my bookmarking service. In case the OP is still reading or others are searching here’s how I did it:

Up until now I’ve been using IFTTT to append to a text file on Dropbox every time I add a bookmark, formatted as markdown. It would be easy enough to just make those individual text files. The main problem I now have is that I shifted off of Dropbox to iCloud and would want some way for those text files to go directly into my Obsidian vault.

Pinboard does have an API. If there are any coders out there willing to write a plug-in for it, that would be wonderful, since I could cut out the Dropbox step. It’s beyond my coding skills to write one myself.

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Noticed this on github, but does require you install python and probably know a bit about coding.

“python tools to link hypothesis and pinboard annotations to obsidian

Sidenote: Pocket seems to do the same thing as Pinboard and has a free version. There seems to be a lot of support for connecting Pocket to Obsidian here on the forum. Just a thought.

Thanks. Yes, I do have a Pocket account, but it’s slightly more a read later app than Pinboard (though a Pinboard sub allows this too). It would be nice not to migrate again though.

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