Are there any other users that have successfully integrated Obsidian into their workflow? Ideas I’ve had that are not fully worked through yet - wondering if I’m reinventing the wheel?

Pull a list of my current ‘ToRead’ items into Obsidian to create a reading list, so I can take notes straight into Obsidian whilst reading the article.

Annotate my pinboard list with tags or [[pages]] to be able to display my bookmarks and articles in a ‘knowledge graph’

Has anyone got any experience of integrating these two services? A search on the forums only brings up a single post on

Thanks in advance

What I’m trying to do

Though I’m familiar with pinboard and there hasn’t been a response to your question . . .

Take a look at other users’s workflows with such tools as Raindrop, Zotero, and more. The Obsidian forum also has plenty of information on workflows.

Hopefully, these workflows will give you ideas on how to integrate pinboard with Obsidian.

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