Pinboard to Obsidian Plugin Available

I recently started using Obsidian after about a year using Roam, and I noticed a few different posts about working with Pinboard, which are all now closed.

I’ve been using Pinboard for what seems like forever, and I have several tools that incorporate it into my research workflow. I didn’t want to give that system up – at least until there is an iOS share sheet for moving links into Obsidian!

After a few hours today playing around with code from Liam Cain and Micah Ledbedder I was able to get an Obsidian plugin working that syncs recent Pinboard links with Obsidian Daily Notes pages.

My first Obsidian plugin! Pinboard Sync

If you use Pinboard, please give it a try and let me know if it works for you.


Awesome, very usefull, thanks!

Quick Update: Auto-Synch seems broken, I have to manually switch it on and off for it to run.

Hi, thanks for creating this, I just started using it and initial sync went great. Would love to be able to import more than 100 pins for the initial sync, but super happy to now have my pins in Obsidian. I was a bit in doubt if my comments on Pinboard would be included, but thankfully they do :pray: