Paste multiple paragraphs into block quote

Use case or problem

I copy a bunch of text to the clipboard that I want to paste into Obsidian as a blockquote.

Proposed solution

What I intuitively do is type a single > at the beginning of the line to enter block quote mode, then I hit ⌘V to paste. This works if my selection is a single paragraph. But for multiple paragraphs, the first paragraph break in the pasted text exits the block quote.

It would be nice of Obsidian to recognize my intent and paste all the text as blockquote. I don’t think the intention is ambiguous, because “pasting the first paragraph into the blockquote then pasting the remaining paragraphs as plain text” is not a very sensible use case.

Current workaround (optional)

After pasting the block, select all pasted text inside Obsidian and use a command or shortcut to Toggle blockquote. Or write a Paste as blockquote plugin (maybe someone already has). Both of which are less intuitive and slower.

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I’m using the same workaround as you did, and I didn’t find any plugins that can detect if my cursor is in a quote block so it would paste the text as a blockquote.

Hopefully it can be a integrated function.

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