Possible to copy and paste text into the last bullet point?

This is a little hard to explain so here is a GIF: https://support.ninja/CMIAja

If I have text indented under a previous bullet-point that allows me to toggle the collapse/reveal option, is there a way to copy and paste outside text so that it fits within this toggle? There doesn’t even seem to be a way I can drag and drop the text into the collapsible section like Roam can do. Is this possible with Obsidian? It’s a little annoying to have to go to each line of copied text to delete > enter > delete > enter multiple times

You could try using multiple cursors: add a cursor to the beginning of each item, and then type * to add as a bullet point. Then you can select them all to indent. Then you’ll have the empty lines between each item, so perhaps add multiple cursors to those lines and delete them.

Check out this note in the help vault -> How to/Work with multiple cursors.md

Thanks, this certainly does help and I suppose topic can be closed since that is the closest to resolving the issue.

Would still be a feature request that I’m too lazy to submit as I think other markdown editors default to pasting text in a way that duplicates the last style item

I really miss the behavior of any good IDE o text editor as Sublime, that you can simple select a bunch of lines and add multiple cursors to them instead of clicking each one.
This could be very useful

Sorry to reply on an old post, but I found this amazing plugin that cover your needs.
For me that I’m a developer was the plugin that I needed: