Pasting text into one bullet point entirely, not just first paragraph

Hi everyone,

Obsidian has the option to be used as an Outliner, and that is my preferred way of writing. Occassionally I get a load or text, say written in Obsidian but not in bulleted form, and I want to paste it in, all landing indented, under the one bullet point.

As it stands, when I do that, the first paragraph lands under the bullet, but the rest of the text goes back to the not bulleted, unindented form.

I’m looking for a solution to paste in the text, formatted into paragraphs, so that when it’s pasted, All the text stays under the one bullet.

I’ve searched around and found one solution in this post Possible to copy and paste text into the last bullet point? - Resolved help - Obsidian Forum, but that means installing a plug-in with diverse options. I’ve tried it and it works, thanks @ HernanV, but surely something like this is already built in to Obsidian, and I’m just missing the trick?

Many thanks!

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I do believe that’s the way forward. You’ve got two ways to paste text, and that’s with and without formatting. I don’t think either would behave as you want it to.

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